TOOLBOX® Z800 Big Grip® Bucket White Rags

$21.99 $16.79

  • - TOOLBOX® Z300 Big Grip® Buckets are perfect for jobs outside or wet work sites as it is designed to keep your towels clean and dry both indoors and out
  • - Compare to WYPALL* L30 wipers
  • - Disposable rags work like cloth
  • - Ideal for all light-duty general purpose wiping
  • - TOOLBOX® Z300 DRC Wipers are more absorbent than airlaid wipers at same weight
  • - After all of the white shop rags have been used in the Big Grip® Bucket refill with item # 20421 (TOOLBOX® Z300 Refill) and reuse bucket
  • - Made in the USA
  • - *WYPALL is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.

Big Grip® Bucket

Our patented Big Grip® Bucket is a water resistant container that has a flip up center opening for access to our DRC wipers and has a large handle that make it extremely portable.

Big Grip® Bucket

Perfect for jobs outside, wet work sites or storing in the back of a pick-up or utility truck as it is designed to keep your towels clean and dry until they are needed.

DRC (Double Re-Crepe)

A cellulose based disposable wiper that has a binder infused in it to provide incredible wet strength and durability while maintaining great absorbency and unmatched softness on your hands and face.

Sellars DRC Wipers

Sellars DRC Wipers
Latex resin infusion for
incredible wet strength

Ordinary Paper Towel

Ordinary Paper Towel
Wet Strength Additive