Buckeye Gel Scrub Case 12/Qt


Gel Scrub Tub & Tile Cleaner Quart

Gel Scrub is a Foaming Acid Tub and Tile Cleaner designed to remove soap scum buildup and hard water deposits. Gel Scrub may be used on tubs, sinks, floors, walls, shower stalls, toilet bowls, urinals and any other hard, nonporous surfaces on which acid can be safely used. Gel Scrub is an excellent grout cleaner. Gel Scrub can be used at full strength or diluted at 1:10.

Gel Scrub is recommended for use in schools, universities, hospitals, healthcare facilities, hotels, motels, and other industrial and institutional settings. Any facility that has a restroom/bathroom has applications for Gel Scrub.

This product is sold by case only; 12 one-quart units per case.