Buckeye Rip Saw 5/Gln


Buckeye Ripsaw Floor Finish Stripper AP/5 Gallon

RipSaw is Buckeye’s fast-acting, power stripper! RipSaw cuts through your floor finish buildup, and makes the labor intensive task of stripping easier and more manageable. It helps get the job done quicker by reducing the dwell time required, while still removing finish and sealer in one application.

RipSaw’s mild aroma makes it pleasant to use. No artificial fragrances have been added. RipSaw also has a unique, built-in Automatic Dilution Indicator (ADI®)! When diluted at approximately 1:4, the stripper solution will turn cloudy. This allows you to achieve the desired dilution ratio while not “over-using” your floor stripper! RipSaw is designed to be used on all hard floor surfaces.