BIO Kleen Glow Liquid 64oz


Bi-O-Kleen Fiber Glow Liquid Extractor - 64oz (replaces gallon containers, no longer available)
Biokleen Fiber Glow Liquid is a Natural Carpet Cleaning Extraction Detergent & Pre-spray designed for the Professional Carpet Cleaner or the Do-it-your-self-er. It works nicely as designed as a carpet cleaning extraction detergent, but like all Carpet Cleaning Extraction Cleaners designed to be used inline, it is far more effective as a professional carpet cleaning pre-spray or pre-treatment. To use as a Natural Carpet Cleaning Prespray, dilute in a prespray canister (pump sprayer) at a ratio of approximately 2 oz - 4 oz / gallon of water. Then apply to carpeting and let dwell (soak) for 10 minutes. Then extract with a professional hot water extraction system or one of the many do-it-your-self types of carpet cleaning rental machines.