Buckeye Cirene, 5 Gallon, Floor Sealer



Buckeye Cirene Concrete, Masonry, Terrazzo Floor Sealer/Finish - 5/Gln AP

Formulated to protect under the heaviest traffic conditions, Cirene is a water-based sealer with incredible adhesion designed for concrete and terrazzo floors. It helps to prevent dusting, pitting and crumbling caused by harsh cleaners, to provide an overall tough, wearresistant surface. Cirene is easy to apply and dries fast, providing major labor savings. This combination sealer/finish gives concrete and terrazzo a high-luster, slip-resistant, long-wearing surface while retaining the natural beauty of the floor. Cirene is easy to maintain since the most minute pores are sealed, which assists in preventing dust, dirt, grease, and water from entering the floor.